Jarhead Fertilizer

From Ocean City, MD Closed Casket Activities

Jarhead Fertilizer from Ocean City, MD

Jarhead Fertilizer resembles the sound of a live birth on a battlefield.


Shuddering industrial groans and grimy hip-hop beat-craft surround a maelstrom of cathartic screams under the cover of a double bass barrage and machine gun sharp riffing steeped in death metal and power-violence. It’s cataclysmic, chaotic, and disarmingly catchy. Now, the Ocean City, Maryland quartet—Dave Bland [drums, vocals], Sam DiGristine [guitar, vocals], Brandon Brown [guitar, vocals], and Vinny Vitilio [bass]—tell an arresting story at the heart of their 2023 full-length offering Carceral Warfare [Closed Casket Activities].

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  • Dave Bland
    Drums & Vocals
  • Sam DiGristine
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Brandon Brown
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Vinny Vitilio
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