Kultur Shock

From Seattle, WA Alternative Tentacles Records

Kultur Shock from Seattle, WA

Starting with their debut ‘Live In Amerika’Kultur Shock has set the tone for the further evolution of punk-rock with ethnic component. Following up their debut, the band signed to Koolarrow Records ( for three next albums - FUCC the INS(2001)Kultura-Diktatura (2003), and We Came To Take Your Jobs Away (2006) all of which were produced by Faith No More’s Billy Gould ). Since 2007, Kultur Shock has been working fully independently through Kultur Shock Records. The band released Live in Europe (2007), Integration (2009), Ministry Of Kultur ( 2011), Tales Of Grandpa Guru, vol. 1 EP (2012), IX (2014), Live At Home ( 2016), and DREAM ( 2019).
Kultur Shock united punk-rock aesthetics alongside a strong ethnic presence, becoming one of the apologists of progressive-punk. Also, making a massive contribution to the popularization of the cultural tradition of Balkans all over the world.

  • Gino Yevdjevich
    Vocals, Trumpets, & Percussion
  • Val Kiossovski
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Chris Stromquist
    Drums & Percussion
  • Amy Denio
    Saxophone, Clarinet, Bouzouki, & Vocals
  • Guy M. Davis
    Bass & Vocals
  • Eleni Govetas
    Violine, Saxophone, Percussion, & Vocals
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