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Lies! from Netherlands

Established in 2011, LIES! emerged from the vibrant Groningen scene. In their short but impactful existence, LIES! wasted no time leaving their mark with their aggressive blend of hardcore punk, thrash, and metallic hardcore. With various gigs across Europe and support shows for Hatebreed and Sick Of It All, along with three releases, the band had to take a break around 2014 as vocalist Rene went abroad for a few years. After a hiatus of 7 years (due to work commitments), they returned in 2022 with their DIY comeback EP, Rebirth, followed by a series of exciting live shows, including a performance at the 3-day HC/metal festival Pitfest.

Their upcoming album, Mind Pollution, prominently reflects the influences of hardcore and crossover metal bands such as Hatebreed, All Out War, Terror, and Merauder across its nine intense and concise songs. With a more direct and explosive sonic approach, the album also reminisces the music of the ‘90s Sepultura or Simulakra, evoking a powerful nostalgia. Nevertheless LIES! maintains a distinct contemporary sound throughout this record. What sets LIES! apart is their ability to construct songs that simply do not string breakdowns together or jump abruptly from one section to another, leaving a lasting and memorable impact that urges listeners to scream along.

  • Rene Smit
  • Sander Oldersma
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Frank van den Beld
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Jeroen Habets
  • Marcel Oldersma
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