Life Cycles

From San Antonio, TX 1126 Records

Life Cycles from San Antonio, TX

LIFE CYCLES hails from the heart of Texas, a state known for churning out sonic titans. Like fellow Lone Star State heavyweights Power Trip, LIFE CYCLES has set their sights on reshaping the realms of thrash and hardcore with an unyielding intensity through their potent cocktail of thrash metal ferocity and hardcore tenacity. Drawing inspiration from the likes of metal icons Slayer, Pantera, Municipal Waste, Exodus, Testament, and Judas Priest, the band effortlessly bridges the gap between two tumultuous genres. Their music possesses the raw aggression of a hardcore show, punctuated with bone-rattling breakdowns, while simultaneously carrying the blistering speed and precision of a thrash metal performance.

  • Luis Lopez Jr.
  • Christopher Sanchez
  • Chris Buckner
  • Xavier Rios
  • Jeremy Cuevas
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