Love Interest

From Detroit, MI Council Records

Love Interest from Detroit, MI

Reminiscent of post-punk pioneers the Cult and the Chameleons and with a vibe akin to Siouxsie Sioux and the political leanings of Killing Joke, Love Interest merges moodiness  and passion that resonates across generational lines. As Detroiters, Love Interest fits comfortably within the city’s distinguished reputation as a musical mecca; Detroit is a city which all members credit with having a heavy influence on their songwriting style.

Formed against the backdrop of the global pandemic by longtime collaborators Alex Awn (Temple of Void, Hellmouth), Justin Malek (The Suicide Machines, Hellmouth), and Jeff Uberti (Hellmouth), the project represents an impulse to amplify shared ideals and evolve as musicians who thrived comfortably within the hardcore punk scene for decades. The group achieved an impressive and electric sound with the addition of Eric Blanchard (Temple of Void, .NEMA) and Johnny LZR (Human Eye, Spits). However, it wasn’t until political artist and classically trained singer Jex Blackmore (Sadist (US)) joined on vocals that the group truly materialized, combining the best of technical musicianship and lyrical prowess with memorable, genre-bending hooks.

Motherwound is Love Interest's debut release and features the tracks "Kursk," "Endless Sting," "Wretched Sisters," and "Midwinter, Violent Air." The EP, which was recorded by Marc Jacob Hudson at Rancho Recordo Studios in Fenton, Michigan and mastered by Pete Maher in London, England, is a meditation on motherhood in a hostile world. The music itself muses on both the tenderness and rage inspired by the modern condition.

Above all, Motherwound is a cathartic experience that will inspire listeners to dance, howl, and meditate in parallel.

  • Jeff Uberti
  • Justin Malek
  • Alex Awn
  • Johnny LZR
  • Eric Blanchard
  • Jex Blackmore
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