From Cleveland, OH Metal Blade Records

Midnight from Cleveland, OH

One-man-army, Athenar, has been churning out an ungodly racket, dropping countless demos, splits, and EPs for over two decades, ultimately slaying the metal/punk underground with his own, highly addictive brand of lust, grime, and sleaze. Blabbermouth once lauded a sound that's, “sleazy and at times a little icky, but is also incredibly catchy,” while Distorted Sound observed, “Part of the reason why MIDNIGHT’s output is so fantastic is that it is supremely digestible. You know exactly what it is you’re going to be subjected to across the next 40-or-so minutes and that is always the audible equivalent of being repeatedly punched in the face by a large man with an anchor tattoo on his hairy forearm." Invisible Oranges concurred hailing a simple but effective formula of, “maximum riffs, darkness and filth, no bullshit.”

  • Athenar
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