Mine Collapse

From Chicago, IL Nefarious Industries Since 10/2015

Mine Collapse from Chicago, IL

Formed in the Fall of 2015 by two-thirds of now defunct punk/metal ensemble Arbogast, also part of the Nefarious Industries family, MINE COLLAPSE picks things up where Arbogast left off, with Aaron Roemig and Mike Rataj continuing a nearly decade-long collaborating streak. Roemig and Rataj, joined on this album by guitarist Justin Dickert, hurl a ten-ton mass of experience onto the Chicago music scene with their newest endeavor–having served time in other Chicago notables Lord (Asian Man Records), Modern Advances (Baldy Longhair Records), Retro Morning, Still Machine, Sons Of Ra, Hot Dog Murder Factory, and more.

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  • Aaron Roemig
    Vocals & Bass
  • Justin Dickert
    Guitar & Synth
  • Mike Rataj
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