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Mordom from San Diego, CA

MORDOM was forged in 2018 by bassist/vocalist Max Hoffman and drummer Nathan Gonzalez. Though Gonzalez didn’t play on the band’s 2020 Eternal Solitude demo -- crowned a “grave monument of a demo” by Decibel Magazine for its “original and soul-stirring sound, quite unlike anything we’ve heard before” -- Hoffman sought him out specifically to assist in the manifestation of latest offering, Cry Of The Dying World. Together, the pair reworked the band’s sound, dropping guitars entirely and blending Finnish death/doom influences with sludge, crust punk, and post-rock. Above all, the pair seeks to create metal that is simultaneously bleak, punishing, and emotionally moving, expressing living in a world being torn apart by hatred, greed, and climate change.


In advance of the record’s release, today the band unveils “Narcosis” for public devourment noting of the track, “‘Narcosis’ is about the mental health crisis, and resulting lack of care by doctors, willing to prescribe drugs that in any other scenario would be considered to life ruining -- benzos, opiates, amphetamines, and so on. It shuts patients up, but enslaves them to medicine and gives them a lifetime of addiction. Musically, we sought to capture the doom a fate to these drugs would produce within someone suffering from a mental health crisis.” - Earsplit PR

  • Max Hoffman
    Bass & Vocals
  • Nathan Gonzalez
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