Mr. Bison

From Tuscany, Italy Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Mr. Bison from Tuscany, Italy

MR.BISON is a rock band that melts heavy psychedelic sounds with progressive elements and evocative soundscapes. Formed in a small coastal town in Tuscany / Italy, the band has reinvented their sound over the course of four albums from Stoner/Psych Sounds to Heavy Psychedelic Progressive Sounds, firmly establishing themselves in 2018 with the acclaimed “Holy Oak” and the latest concept album “Seaward”. The band has toured Europe and North America several times, and played various festivals such as Desertfest Berlin, London and Antwerp, Krach am Back, Duna Jam.

  • Matteo Barsacchi
    Guitar, Bass, & Synth
  • Matteo Sciocchetto
    Guitar, Bass, & Vocals
  • Lorenzo Salvadori
  • Davide Salvadori
    Guitar, Synth, Hammond, Mellotron, & Bass
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