From Chicago, IL Amphetamine Reptile Records

Mr.Phylzzz from Chicago, IL

Mr.Phylzzz is a two piece noise rock outfit from Chicago, Illinois that's fronted by Clinton Jacob(guitar) and drummer Danny Sein. Formed in late 2015, Mr.Phylzzz (pronounced mr. flyzzz) is an ever changing monster of noise. Over time the duo formed a heavy wall of sound filled with hooky riffs and melodic vocals that create a chaotic storm that's worth the painful wall of cranked amps and exploding drums. During the growing years Mr.Phylzzz was doing small tours which landed them getting picked up in 2019 by Amphetamine Reptile Records to be featured on the legendary Dope Guns n Fucking In the Streets Vol 14 comp and their full length "Penitent Curtis" (Amphetamine Reptile).

  • Danny Sein
  • Clinton Jacob
    Guitar & Vocals
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