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Mums from Widnes, UK

Mums, hailing from Northwest England have been a band in one form or another for a considerable amount of time.  Jack and Roanne Evans met in high school and discovered they both had an affinity for loud and visceral bands from both the alternative rock scene, and more extreme end of the musical spectrum.  After a bit they partnered with a local friend and began the first iteration of Mums, known as Aeroplane Flies High.

Fast forward a couple years, one marriage, and some musical development the duo got a new drummer and not long after changed their name to Mums.  Under this new lineup their sound pushed their limits further- the riffs got more recognizable, the vocal melodies delved into earworm territory, and at the same time the noise and feedback drove everything into the red for maximum audio damage.  It was with this new focus the group recorded “Land Of Giants”, an astonishing LP that displays a minor miracle of not destroying the turntable once the needle hits.

Mums did some touring throughout the UK and Europe, refining their high-decibel sound and building a fan base of loyal gluttons for noise. They had some momentum going.  Following the departure of previous drummer, O'Neill, Jack and Roanne reached an impasse:  keep the band going and look for another drummer, or put the band to bed?  For awhile there was silence. Fans of the band waited with baited breath for news of a return.

Enter Jack and Roanne’s best friend Jonny Dickin who managed to step in and reinvigorate the group to create their next collection of songs, which has resulted in their new album “Legs”.

“Legs” was a long time in the making and even features a song that dates back to the earliest days of the band, but the majority of the songs were worked on and fleshed out after Jonny joined.  While Mums are a trio “Legs” was actually recorded as a four-piece with a baby Mum in utero while the group was in the studio.

Mums sought to retain the intensity of  “Land Of Giants”, but with stronger songwriting chops, and a big focus on creating a sound that was as exciting as it is fun, Mums took careful measure to mix and master this record exactly the way they wanted without compromise.

  • Roanne Evans
  • Jack Evans
  • Jonny Dickin
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