Mystic Circle

From Ludwigshafen, Germany Atomic Fire Records Since 02/1992

Mystic Circle from Ludwigshafen, Germany

Mystic Circle was formed in 1992 in Ludwigshafen.[1] The band originally played death metal and recorded a never-released rehearsal demo in 1992. One year later the band split-up, but reformed in 1994 with a new line-up. They released several EPs before their debut LP was issued in December 1996. Following their 1998 release they toured with Marduk and Old Man's Child and played several large rock festivals.[1] After their 1999 release Infernal Satanic Verses, their original drummer, Aarrrgon, left the group, and they had to use a drum machine to complete their tour.


By 2007, Beelzebub had left the band to pursue another long-awaited project called Gloomball. It was unknown at first whether Mystic Circle would replace Beelzebub and continue or call it quits, but Beelzubub stated on his personal Myspace page that Mystic Circle was "history".


In November 2021, Mystic Circle reformed and announced the release of their eponymous eighth studio album, the band's first in 16 years, on February 4, 2022. - Wikipedia

  • Beelzebub
    Vocals, Guitar, Bass, & Keyboards
  • A. Blackwar
    Vocals, Guitar, Drums & Keyboards
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