Neighboring Sounds

From Bergen, Norway Sound Fiction Records Since 04/2014

Neighboring Sounds from Bergen, Norway

Neighboring Sounds is a four piece whose sound bring together elements of alternative rock and punk like early Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids and Jealous Sound while also being reminiscent of european emo bands of the nineties like Starmarket and Fireside. Neighboring Sounds formed in Bergen, Norway in 2014 and consists of past and present members from bands as diverse as Datarock, Ralph Myers and the Jack Herren Band, Kids Like Us, Crash, The First Cut, IOU and Bouvet.


As Crash, the band toured Europe several times and released records on labels such as Premonition Records (International Noise Conspiracy, Kevlar) and Firefly Recordings (Beezewax, Gameface, Kids Near Water) at the beginning of 2000.

  • Thomas Milford
  • Arild Eriksen
    Vocals & Guitar
  • Thomas Larssen
  • Kristian Gundersen
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