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Nightwraith from Denver. CO

NIGHTWRAITH was formed in 2016 without any preconceived notion of genre, allowing them to develop their sound organically. "Gone are the days of trying to be the fastest or heaviest band," says Pitts. "We've already done bands like that and now we just want to write music that is fun to play and meaningful to us."


The members of NIGHTWRAITH have been musical companions for over a decade in the Denver scene, but this lineup achieves its own unique approach to aggressive music, inspired by but not limited to the past. After releasing a self-titled album in 2019, NIGHTWRAITH gained notoriety and played shows with heavy hitters like Khemmis and Green Druid, but they were still developing their sound and being called to a new musical frontier.


During 2020, a year filled with anxiety and isolation, the band would finally have the time and freedom to create the next chapter of their story. As NIGHTWRAITH continues to evolve, it’s clear that their ambitions are soon to pay off. Offering is expressive, inventive, joyful, sorrowful, and will certainly inspire its listeners. - Earsplit PR

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  • Benjamin Pitts
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Isidro Soto
  • Igor Panasewicz
  • Caleb Jose Tardio
    Keyboard & Synths
  • Jerry Hilger
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