No Spill Blood

From Dublin, Ireland Svart Records

No Spill Blood from Dublin, Ireland

Formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2011, No Spill Blood are a forward-thinking synth metal band consisting of Matt Hedigan (bass, vocals), Ruadhan O’Meara (synths and electronics) and Ror Conaty (drums). Their sound has been described as a distinctive blend of heady, electronic riffs and crushing electronics which draws elements from synth punk, noise rock, classic doom, and experimental esoterica. The band’s debut album was on Sargent House in 2015, and they have performed live with Russian Circles, Baroness, Boris, The Fall and Deafheaven.

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  • Matt Hedigan
    Bass & Vocals
  • Ruadhan O’Meara
    Synths & Electronics
  • Ror Conaty
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