No Terror In The Bang

From Rouen, France Klonosphere Records

No Terror In The Bang from Rouen, France

No Terror in The Bang is a progressive metal / cinematic metal band. It weave a chiaroscuro universe between fragility and fury. The band's name refers to a phrase by Alfred Hitchcock, evoking the calm before the storm and the tension of his films: "There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it." The band's songs alternate between dreams and nightmares, turbulence and frenzy.

If Volume I "Eclosion" surprised metalheads with its duality between the primitive vitality of metal and the finesse of cinematic orchestration, Volume II "Heal" drives the point home more brutally, with self-assumed "world" tracks that are by turns turbulent, touching and powerful.

Sofia Bortoluzzi's mezzo voice alternates between characters, clear and saturated vocals. Each of the band's tracks has a unique narrative atmosphere, somewhere between modern metal and dark film soundtracks, with suspense and climax.

Artistic direction is provided by drummer-composer Alexis Damien (Pin-up went down, Void paradigm, ex-Carnival in coal live, etc.), along with Etienne Cochin (guitar), Clement Bernard (guitar), Brice Bouchard (bass) and Romain Greffe (keyboards).

The band's second album, "Heal", is released on 02.02.24 on Klonosphere label / Season of mist / The orchard / Sony

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  • Clément Bernard
  • Sofia Bortoluzzi
  • Brice Bouchard
  • Etienne Cochin
  • Alexis Damien
    Drums, Keys, & Orchestrations
  • Romain Greffe
    Piano, Keys, & Orchestrations
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