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Nowheres from Linköping, Sweden

Nowheres is a hardcore band from Linköping, Sweden.


A city that has been home to numerous punk and hardcore bands all the way back to the 80’s.

The band consists of Mattias Grane (vocals), Goran Bartol (drums), Björn Carlstedt (bass), Erik Vandelay (guitar), and Simon Petersson (guitar). Previous bands: Outlast, Stay Hungry, Another Reason, Prove My Point, Last Hope, Ett Liv Kvar, Neverending and many more.


To different extents, all of us have been involved in hardcore for many years. Some of us have been in bands together before, some of us didn’t know each other before. Old and new friends coming together to make music that isn’t new, but in a way, it’s new to us.


Nowheres started in the minds of Mattias and Simon late 2019, with songs eventually starting to take form during the initial pandemic burst when Simon was put on short-time work allowance that culminated in a creativity boost, but the first practice with the full lineup took place in the summer.


Recorded in a studio at the classic venue ”Skylten” in Linköping with old friend and super drummer Ludvig Kennberg at the helms, the session turned into ”The Way Back Home Demo”.


Rooted in 80’s and 90’s sounds, the influences come from all over the spectrum; Dag Nasty, Lifetime , Unity, Youth Of Today, Rites Of Spring, Texas Is The Reason, Fastbreak.

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