Object of Affection

From Los Angeles, CA Profound Lore Records

Object of Affection from Los Angeles, CA

LA’s Object of Affection tap into the primitivism of said members’ diverse projects while elevating their capacity for atmosphere and melody. Hints of gloomy punk, forlorn new wave, and down-and-out Regan-era alternative rock reverberate in their sound, not as pastiche but in sonic kinship to the austerity and fatalism embedded in the previous generation’s desperate and dejected anthems.

Since the release of their 2020 S/T, self released EP and most recent single “Through and Through” (Suicide Squeeze), the band have already shared the stage with accomplished peers Ceremony, Fiddlehead, Special Interest, Gulch, so on.

  • Madison Woodward
  • Remy Veselis
  • Colin Knight
  • Garrett La Bonte
  • Nick Nadel
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