On Sight

From New Jersey Unbeaten Records Since 03/2016

On Sight from New Jersey

On Sight have been steadily building a name for themselves in New Jersey’s prolific hardcore scene since 2016. The quintet melds their deeply-rooted metal influences with their brand of gritty hardcore that bucks the current trend towards metalcore in favor of incorporating mid-tempo thrash riffs, blazing solos, mosh-ready drumming and in-your-face vocals. The resulting sound feels refreshing while still holding true to the tenants of classic, unapologetically aggressive hardcore - leaving no doubt as to why they’ve been able to share the stage with a diverse array of acts ranging from Death Threat and Extinction AD to Judiciary and Xibalba. 

  • Douglas Maxwell
  • Edgar Lucero
  • Dante Santiago
  • Darren Carreon
  • JT Giordano
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