From Queens, NY Blackout! Records

Outburst from Queens, NY

The Lower East Side of Manhattan during the late 1980s was a crazy, twisted island of misfit toys. All the kids who were too ugly, too smart, too psychotic, or simply too weird to fit in a world dominated by preppies and guidos found themselves part of the hardcore scene, with CBGB at its epicenter. Astoria's OUTBURST was one of several dozen "second wave" bands who grew up on originators Agnostic Front, Kraut, Murphy's Law, and others. Like their friends in Leeway, Gorilla Biscuits, and Raw Deal, they took elements of crossover metal and fused it with punk rock to create a signature sound.


OUTBURST grew in popularity after a well-received demo and tracks on Blackout! Records' Where The Wild Things Are Compilation. The band also recorded and released one EP entitled Miles To Go for Blackout! in 1989. Soon after the band broke up and all the members went their separate ways.

Over fifteen years later, OUTBURST began to play some reunion shows, and continue to tour, including a recent European and a West Coast mini-tour with Terror.

  • Brian Donohue
  • Jay Rufino
  • George D'errico
  • Mike Welles
  • Joe Songco
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