From Rockford, IL

Pains from Rockford, IL

PAINS formed in 2016, undergoing a couple lineup shifts to become the current trio they are today: Alex Gaspar (guitar/vocals), Nick Clemenson (drums), and Eric Starks (bass/vocals). While the current three members all live in different places in Wisconsin/Illinois, the band considers Rockford, IL home, where Gaspar grew up and where Clemenson currently lives.
PAINS enjoy combining equal parts grind, death metal, and hardcore/punk into their songs. Being able to be as fast, heavy, and as in-your-face as possible, while showcasing a lot of dynamic range in both intensity and mood. Let the blistering and crushing sound heard on the newest set of songs represent the beginning of a newfound concentration for PAINS, with plenty more to come. - Sean McLennan

  • Alex Gaspar
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Nick Clemenson
  • Eric Starks
    Bass & Vocals
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