Place Of Refuge

From Vancouver, British Columbia Rest Assured Records

Place Of Refuge from Vancouver, British Columbia

Place of Refuge, comprised of Elijah Robinson (Vocals, A Mourning Star), Conner Elmes (Guitar/Vocals, Seasons Worn), Jeremy Moen (Guitar, Thank You Driver), Kris Sharma (Bass, Second Nature), and Byron Mayer (Drums, A Mourning Star), exudes a cold, introspective, and volatile energy reminiscent of metalcore legends like On Broken Wings and Hopesfall.

The groups formation dates back to the summer of 2018, where ideas to form a band evolved from a shared love for acts such as This Day Forward. The band's early days saw collaborations between Conner and Byron, leading to the eventual formation of the core lineup in 2020.

  • Elijah Robinson
  • Conner Elmes
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Jeremy Moen
  • Kris Sharma
  • Byron Mayer
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