Psalm Zero

Psalm Zero

From Queens, NY Since 02/2012

Psalm Zero from Queens, NY

Psalm Zero are a New York City-based band led by vocalist/composer Charlie Looker, formerly of Extra Life and Zs. Their sound combines elements of industrial metal, black metal, dark pop, and electronic music. Formed in 2012 with guitarist Andrew Hock, the band released their first album, “The Drain” in 2014 on venerable extreme metal imprint Profound Lore Records. They toured the U.S. and Europe, appearing at Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy Stage at the South By Southwest Festival (Texas), as well as Briefcase Fest (Canada), Impetus Festival (Switzerland), and Fusion Fest (Germany).


In 2015, Psalm Zero released a loosely-conceptual series of cassette and video singles, titled “The Birthright Trilogy” on Irish label Black Mass Productions. They also performed a special all-acoustic set as part of Looker’s residency at legendary downtown NY avant-garde venue The Stone. The band’s live incarnation expanded with the enlistment of Keith Abrams and Ron Varod (both of Kayo Dot) on drums and bass respectively.


In 2016, after parting ways with Hock, the second Psalm Zero album, “Stranger to Violence”, was released by Profound Lore Records. This was followed by tours of the Northeast and Midwest U.S., including dates with Street Sects, and an appearance at NYC nightlife fixture Nothing Changes. The band is currently arranging material for their third full-length. -


"Not Guilty" Music Video

  • Ron Varod
  • Keith Abrams
    Drums and Synth
  • Charlie Looker
    Vocals, Guitar, Synth and Programming
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