Rank And Vile

From Portland, OR Modern Grievance Records

Rank And Vile from Portland, OR

As the world around us gradually declines into a pit of almost laughable tyranny, a groundswell of riffs and blast beats will be your preferred weapon of punitive justice in the form of RANK AND VILE. The band spews forth a crushing fusion of violent deathgrind, downtempo grooves, and crusty mosh madness that was organically grown for mass consumption in the basements of Portland, Oregon. As active members of the clamoring DIY scene in the Pacific Northwest, this four-piece has been on a smear campaign across the West Coast since 2018 with the promises of affordable shows, neck breaks for big business, and walls of death wider than the wealth gap.

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  • Theo Spence
  • Matt Oien
  • James Cox
  • Leon West
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