From New York, NY

Rebelmatic from New York, NY

Standing out as one of the most respected and nationally recognized Hardcore/Punk groups to emerge from the streets and stages and streets of New York in decades, Rebelmatic releases another vibey hard-rocking anthem that falls neatly in their growing list of tunes fans gleefully sing along with at shows.

Few bands in the pantheon of Black Rock Gods can boast that they have been lauded by everyone from Bad Brains to David Byrne, and recorded with legends like Angelo Moore. The boys from Brooklyn have accomplished this and much more. On the heels of their critically acclaimed 2020 album Ghost In The Shadows and 2022 release Mourning Dove, the new single pushes things up a few notches pushing them further into the territory of iconic NYC rock bands.

The single is composed of the rawest, heaviest, heart-pounding and gut-wrenchingly groovy material to ever come out of NYC. Branching out in new directions from their previous hip hop influenced sound, Rebelmatic has evolved into a hybrid of punk, hardcore, and aggressive funk all their own.

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