Reserving Dirtnaps

From Memphis, TN WAR Records Since 08/2013

Reserving Dirtnaps from Memphis, TN

Since their 2013 formation, RESERVING DIRTNAPS has expelled their harsh alloy of death metal/grind influences and breakdown-strewn metallic hardcore, inspired by the likes of Hatebreed, Cold As Life, Death Threat, Merauder, and Napalm Death. The band released their self-titled EP in March 2014 and instantly began to pick up across their local region, playing live regularly.


2016 saw the release of their second EP, Part II, as the band began to hit on a more widespread national level, performing well beyond their local scene. In 2017 and 2018, the band played several reginal tours surrounding performances at notable fests, including the mighty This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, Mutants Of The Monster in Little Rock, Hard Times in Laredo, and Flyover in Tulsa. Additionally, in 2018 RESERVING DIRTNAPS released Look at Us Wrong, a collaborative album with renowned rapper Tom Skeemask.


Their busiest year yet, 2019 saw RESERVING DIRTNAPS touring throughout the year on multiple tours across the country alongside the likes of Capitol Offense, Purgatory, Paper Trail, No Option, Kharma, Adrenaline, and others, which led them to the doorstep of WAR Records. This new cooperation led to the creation of the band’s most brutal material yet, their impending Another Disaster EP. - Earsplit PR

  • Brand Pearce
  • Paul Doherty
  • Aaron Winter
  • Zach Callis
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