Revenge Beast

From Baltimore/New Jersey Upstate Records

Revenge Beast from Baltimore/New Jersey

Revenge Beast is a Baltimore/New Jersey technical death metal band formed in 2020, consisting of guitarist Marc Rizzo, vocalist Jay Decay, bassist Brennan McShane and drummer Doug Gussio.  Drawing inspiration from bands like Soulfly, Suffocation, Morbid Angel and Lamb of God, Revenge Beast is primed to add their fresh perspective on the heavy music scene.


Dark and dissonant, Revenge Beast features demonic vocals and blistering guitars backed by a pummeling rhythm section.  Vocalist Jay Decay morphs between guttural vocals and high pitched screams while Rizzo blazes through every fret on the fretboard.  Meanwhile,  McShane and Gussio provided a thick complementary backing, further fueling the aural assault.

  • Marc Rizzo
  • Brennan McShane
  • Doug Gussio
  • Jay Decay
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