Roll Call

From New York, NY Bridge Nine Records

Roll Call from New York, NY

Born from the mind of guitarist Brian Kemsely (Outbreak, Gravemaker), Roll Call took shape in November of 2021 with the addition of drummer James Phillips (Seahaven, Final Fight). Soon after, Chad Leddy (Perfect World) was recruited for vocals in addition to Cornell Ward for bass, rounding out the band. Roll Call released their debut EP, Perpetuate, on Bridge 9 Records in October 2022, which also marked the label’s first new signing in over three years. This New York City based hardcore band provides you with a steady dose of hard-hitting riffs, scorching tempos, and bass licks all in true NYHC fashion, but with a touch of west coast skatepunk flare that sets them apart from the rest.

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  • Brian Kemsely
  • James Phillips
  • Chad Leddy
  • Cornell Ward
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