Running From Daylight

From London, Ontario Missing Fink Records Since 03/2016

Running From Daylight from London, Ontario

Brought together by their combined love for punk and rock ‘n’ roll, these possessed musicians have joined together to infuse their old school ‘billy sound with horrific inspiration that will keep you awake... and on your feet dancing the night away! Running From Daylight captivates their audiences with a swinging and rocking rhythm section driven by Garrett’s clickin’ n’ clackin’ upright bass and Tarek’s high energy drumming. Andrew’s singing and Troy’s lead guitar lines paint the perfect landscape for their haunted tales and stories intertwined throughout each song. Make sure to check out their latest release Horror! Horror! Scream All About It! and catch them live at an upcoming show... if you dare. - Facebook

  • Andrew Bellini-Rutledge
    Vocals & Guitar
  • Garrett Renders
    Bass & Vocals
  • Tarek Rashwan
    Drums & Percussion
  • Troy Jasper
    Guitar, Organ & Vocals
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