From Columbus, OH Century Media Records

Sanguisugabogg from Columbus, OH

 band from Columbus, Ohio that formed in the year 2019. Sanguisugabogg currently consists of Devin Swank (vocals), Ced Davis (bass, guitars), Drew Arnold (bass) and Cody Davidson (drums). Past members include Steph Barnes (bass) and Cameron Boggs (guitars). They have an  sound. Their lyrical themes include gore, drugs, perversion and anti-authority. They were first signed to Maggot Stomp in 2019, but they are currently signed to Century Media Records. Through Maggot Stomp, they released their first demo Pornographic Seizures in 2019. In the year 2021, the band released four singles. Also in 2021, they released their debut full-length album Tortured Whole through their current label Century Media Records.

  • Cody Davidson
  • Drew Arnold
    Guitar & Bass
  • Ced Davis
    Bass & Guitar
  • Devin Swank
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