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Saturnus from Denmark

When singer Thomas A.G. Jensen started looking for other musicians in the area of Denmark's capital Copenhagen in 1991 to form a death metal act, he was soon joined by bass player Brian Hansen, who had the same idea. Once a guitarist and drummer were also found, the band ASESINO was born. Undergoing a number of changes during the next years, the name was finally switched to SATURNUS in 1993.

In 1996, SATURNUS got their first record deal and released their debut full-length "Paradise Belongs to You" in January 1997. On the strength of this album, the Danes were invited to perform at the famous Roskilde Festival the same year. As their show was recorded by Norwegian Radio (NRK), it ended up being broadcast all over Scandinavia.

SATURNUS had immediately begun to work on new material as soon as their debut was finished and hooked up with the producer of Metallica's classic thrash albums, Flemming Rasmussen and his The Sweet Silence Studios. Although the recording of "Martyre" was finished in May 1999, it got delayed by a number of strange events until January 2000.

More weird occurrences led to quite a bit of a hiatus, until the third studio full-length "Veronika Decides to Die" finally hit the stores in 2006. After the release, SATURNUS first embarked on a small tour with AGALLOCH and NOVEMBERS DOOM, which the Danes followed up with an extensive European tour joining Chileans MAR DE GRISES and THURISAZ in 2008. Another tour followed in 2011, but it would take until November 2012 before the acclaimed fourth album "Saturn in Ascension" was released, which was again produced by Flemming Rasmussen.

Celebrated their 20th anniversary, SATURNUS hit the roads of Europe once again and having accumulated a dedicated following over all these years, their touring included prestigious festivals such as Brutal Assault (CZ), Copenhell (DK), and ArtMania (RO) among many others. The Danes continued extensive touring with occasional breaks from 2014 until 2017, which brought them among the usual territories as far Russia and for the first time to the Middle East.

After several changes in the line-up, SATURNUS were joined by guitarists Indee (formerly CLOUDS, and EYE OF SOLITUDE) and Julio from AUTUMNAL in 2020. Despite more obstacles created by the pandemic, the band started working on their next albums and recordings have been scheduled for the end of 2021. With the support of their new label partner Prophecy Productions, SATURNUS are determined to return with their fifth album in 2022.

  • Thomas A.G. Jensen
  • Indee Rehal-Sagoo
  • Julio Fernandez
  • Brian Hansen
  • Henrik O. Glass
  • Mika Ditlev Gyldenøhr Filborne
    Keyboards & Piano
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