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Through You is a heavy metallic hardcore cross-over quintent that originated initially as a collaboration project to support those in need during the pandemic under the name “Mask Up” by the original vocalist Chris Kovach.  Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Chris Kovach stepped down and Chris Rafalowich stepped in full-time to take over the mic.

With five songs written, the group decided to rebrand and finish the remaining songs under the new name, See Through You.  With five members, in five locations from the US and UK, the group collaborated remotely to produce the first single, Behold, from their upcoming EP, Hollowed Up.

Behold, is an introspective reflection, underscoring the challenge to overcome personal demons.  Chris Rafalowich sings:

To fight the dark, you poison your mind

You think that your poisons are buying you time

Everything that you need is already within you

Start a fire with your own power

See Through You plans to release Hollowed Out in the Fall of 2022 and follow-up with shows dates in the US and abroad.  With this all-star lineup of metal/hardcore veterans, See Through You is poised to be a force to be reckon with. - Upstate Records Official Website

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