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Self-Deprecator from Seattle, WA

The Puget Sound of western Washington has a storied past of dissonance. From the deforested suburban slums to the ever-changing Seattle skyline, those who question their existence here have inherited this cognitive dissonance. This daily battle of digital depreciation and natural strife has led Self-Deprecator to produce their debut album; Fruit Of Our Labor.

This Seattle based power-trio combines an eclectic mix of genres, molding a unique soundscape that draws from the depths of math-driven metal, the complexities of jazz, and the intricacies of human nature. Self-Deprecator has forged an unmistakable musical path of their own with roots in the fertile grounds from which they were grown.

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  • Matt Mohr
    Vocals & Guitar
  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Drums & Samples
  • Biaggo Comeriato
    Bass & Vocals
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