Seventh Storm

From Portugal Atomic Fire Records

Seventh Storm from Portugal

The Seventh Storm was created in the midst of chaos, erected from an Earth in mourning and the universal struggle to reclaim our humanity. Uncertainty of the collective future remains, but even in darkness there is light. A new challenge emerges from the shadows and a new hope begins to dissipate the pain. A powerful connection that binds us to the universe and a deep desire for spiritual illumination exists within us. We introduce to you The Seventh Storm: five members from Southern Europe who aspire to play music full of emotion and character, fighters seeking a new path in life. We come together with one goal: to stay strong so that there may be a chance of freedom to come, to never give up even in the most troubling times. Our crusade starts now. May our paths cross, may we one day visit the seven continents and navigate through the seven seas, in the hope of creating the perfect storm - The Seventh Storm. May the light and fire return to this forgotten art. Let the horns be heard once more. Join us!

  • Mike Gaspar
  • Rez
  • Ben Stockwell
  • Josh Riot
  • Butch Cid
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