Shade Empire

From Finland Candlelight Records

Shade Empire from Finland

Since 1999, SHADE EMPIRE have strived to forge their own sound. Hailing from Finland, the band inked a deal with Italian label Avantgarde Records for the release of their first critically acclaimed album 'Sinthetic' (2004).

Success was to follow in 2006 with their follow-up release 'Intoxicate O.S.', which had been recorded at the famous Studio Perkele, and in its opening week achieved position 25 in the official Finnish charts. Their third release, concept album 'Zero Nexus' (2008) took them higher into the Finnish charts, debuting at no 15. Fourth album, 'Omega Arcane' was released via Candlelight Records in 2014 with 'Poetry Of The Ill-Minded' following in 2017.

The band have toured with bands such as Unleashed, Krisiun, Borknagar and appeared at numerous festivals worldwide.

  • Henry Hämäläinen
  • Juha Sirkkiä
    Guitar & Keyboards
  • Eero Mantere
  • Erno Räsänen
  • Aapeli Kivimäki
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