Shape Of Despair

From Helsinki, Finland Season Of Mist Records Since 02/1998

Shape Of Despair from Helsinki, Finland

SHAPE OF DESPAIR was formed out of the ashes of RAVEN in Helsinki in 1998. Actually, the transformation into the present-day moniker wasn’t as violent as it sounds. A simple name change—initiated by Salomaa—coincided with the Finns' developing predilection for protracted if icy metal. SHAPE OF DESPAIR’s grand debut, Shades of… (2000), was proof that the fledgling sextet's stately doom was already ascendant. From there, the Helsinkians morphed in membership but continued their funereal march into legend with Angels of Distress (2001) and Illusion’s Play (2004) before hibernating for almost a decade. While Return to the Void is the natural follow-up to Monotony Fields and represents over six years of songwriting development, the main narrative (and indeed the timely return of drummer Samu Ruotsalainen) is rooted in the past. - Season Of Mist

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  • Samu Ruotsalainen
  • Sami Uusitalo
  • Tomi Ullgrén
  • Jarno Salomaa
    Guitar & Keyboards
  • Natalie Koskinen
  • Henri Koivula
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