Shy, Low

From Richmond, VA Pelagic Records Since 10/2011

Shy, Low from Richmond, VA

SHY, LOW are true masters of the exquisite craft of stark contrasts and broad dynamics, from delicate crescendos to the grandiose power of the riff… a craft that lies at the heart of every outstanding instrumental rock record. With Snake Behind The Sun the Richmond, Virginia-based four-piece has made an absolutely incredible and epic album brimming with creativity, groove, heaviness, and truly outstanding songwriting — a record that is intricate and mature, yet gloriously anthemic at the same time. Indeed, Snake Behind The Sun is an astounding and immensely diverse record that will appeal to fans sitting on all ends of the broad spectrum of modern heavy rock music. - Earsplit PR

  • Greg Peterson
  • Dylan Partridge
  • Drew Storcks
  • Zak Bryant
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