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The genesis of Smoke AxD involves the combination of 2 of Hoya's passions, heavy music and cannabis. Hoya had completed songs and lyrics just waiting to be brought to life. He then focused on what musicians he could get that shared his love of big riffs and big spliffs. Hoya had been wanting to do a band with his close friend and brother, Lord Ezec (Crown of Thornz, Skarhead) for years. No convincing was needed, Ezec was immediately on board. Next would come the addition to one of his regular smoking partners on the road over the years, guitarist, Sean Martin (Hatebreed, TwitchingTongues). On guest drums Riggs Ross (Hatebreed, Madball) and Dimi Douvas (Crown of Thonrz, Stillsuit). Hoya then contacted producer extraordinaire, Zeuss to help produce and record the project. With everything in place, the band got together to record the EP, Vaya Con Dios, which will be released on May 7, 2024.

  • Hoya Roc
  • Lord Ezec
  • Sean Martin
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