Spiritual Deception

From Milan, Italy Amputated Vein Records

Spiritual Deception from Milan, Italy

Spiritual Deception was born in June 2016 from an idea of Mirko Frontini (guitar) and Luca Zanlorenzi (vocal) after the breakup of their previous band Humans Ablaze.

In a short time Gabriele Della Stua (bass) and Manuel Del Giudice (drums) joined the band to complete the line-up.

In 2019 Gabriele parted ways with the band and Riccardo Maccarana joined the line-up as an additional guitarist.

In 2020 Billy Repalam joined the band as a new bass player and Mirko Frontini became the main vocalist of the band, while keeping playing guitar, after Luca’s departure the same year.

  • Billy Repalam
  • Manuel Del Giudice
  • Riccardo Maccarana
  • Mirko Frontini
    Vocals & Guitar
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