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Spy from San Francisco, CA

SPY was only formed in January 2020 when singer Peter wrote four songs that were released on their first EP Service Weapon, which took aim at police culture. And then he approached his buddies to see if they wanted to put a band together. And they did.


SPY are Peter - vocals, Drew and Cody - guitars, Thomas - bass and Cole - drums and hail from the famed Bay Area. However, the quintet doesn't play thrash, but hardcore punk. Pure, straightforward and mega-impactful.


It's only after listening to it that you'll understand why there's such a buzz around SPY at this early stage. Even though they've only released their third EP and played a few shows in two years, SPY's dedication to their doing is undeniable and practically bleeds sincerity with every caustic instrumental twist and barbed lyric. SPY are hyper-aggressive, explicitly political, and their ferocious hardcore punk is brimming with violent riffs that cause pain in the pit.

  • Cole
  • Vince
  • Cody
  • Peter
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