SS Decontrol

From Boston, MA Trust Records

SS Decontrol from Boston, MA

SSD (Society System Decontrol) is considered by most to be the 1st Straight Edge branded band.  Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the band formed in the Summer of 1981.  Their debut album The Kids Will Have Their Say (1982) set the tone not only for music, but fashion, photography, and even the font for all Straight Edge bands who came after.  Lead by guitarist Al Barile, who’s label X-Claim put out this iconic debut the band became legendary for their wild action fueled live performances. Lead singer David “Springa” Spring, bassist  Jaime Sciarappa and drummer Chris Foley rounded out the lineup while their extended group of friends known as “The Boston Crew” became about as famous as the band itself. The band disbanded in 1985 never to reform. - Trust Records Website

  • Jaime Sciarappa
  • Springa
  • Al Barile
  • Chris Foley
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