Steel Bearing Hand

From Dallas, TX Carbonized Records Since 03/2009

Steel Bearing Hand from Dallas, TX

In the midst of the blistering Texan summer of 2009, STEEL BEARING HAND arose from an insatiable thirst for vengeance against all interlopers, blasphemers, and desecrators of Metal. For several years, they waged war in the trenches of house venues, warehouse spaces, and dive bars across America, honing their craft. Finally, in 2015, they released their self-titled debut album, followed by a few tours. Parting ways with their co-founding drummer in 2016, 2017 was spent whetting the blade anew. With their noses to the grindstone, they produced a more refined sound, entering the studio in the summer of 2019 to capture this ultimate incarnation of the band’s character and personality with the fittingly titled Slay In Hell full-length. - Earsplit PR

  • Anthony Vallejo
  • Wyatt Burton
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Alex Johnson
  • Chris Bonner
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