Stone House On Fire

From Volta Redonda, Brazil Electric Valley Records Since 11/2012

Stone House On Fire from Volta Redonda, Brazil

Stone House on Fire can be described as a Brazilian late ‘60s/ early ‘70s throwback rock band with unique contemporary twists. The group creates its own identity by mixing heavy psychedelic elements, Latin spices with classic fuzzy guitars, some blues, and live jam performances. Paying an homage to both old and new influences with no fear to explore unfamiliar atmospheres, the Volta Redonda four-piece captures the feeling of a familiar, nostalgic place with a whole new flavor added to it, resulting in a visceral, energic sound.

An active live band that relies heavily on jams and experimentation, Stone House on Fire has toured across Brazil with several psychedelic/doom bands. They frequently played gigs arranged by Abraxas (Brazil’s biggest label on the scene), including appearances on Abraxas Festivals as a supporting act for The Flying Eyes and Mars Red Sky. During their European tour, they shared the stage with Samavayo and Atavismo, and played venues in Switzerland, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic.

On the upcoming outing, Time is a Razor, Stone House on Fire went heavier, trippier, and more outré than ever, often retaining and often destabilizing the previous songwriting modus operandi. Throughout the six tracks, the psych contingent roamed about desert highlands, outer spaces, and unearthly territories, like a society of trippers, always ready to journey to the unknown or discover a chorus of delirium from the unreal.

Choose wisely, either enter Stone House on Fire to survive the present or carry the weight of the future and the past. - Qabar PR

  • Kleber Mariano
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Marcus Oliveira
  • Leonardo Moore
    Bass & Vocals
  • Andre Leal
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