Straight Hate

From Poland Selfmadegod Records

Straight Hate from Poland

Formed in 2008, STRAIGHT HATE deploys ravenous death-infused grindcore mayhem. The band released their Mental Disorder debut EP in 2014, followed by their first album Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow in 2016, and second album Black Sheep Parade in 2019, along the way dropping splits with Speedy Gonzales, Neuropathia, and Nuclear Holocaust. The band has played many successful gigs and festivals in Poland, Czech Republic, and Lithuania including Symbolic Festival, Infernal Night, Rock & Rose Fest, Core Manifest II, Brutal East Festival, EveryDayGrind VII, Mini Merciless East Festival, Ont GRIND’U Open Air Festival, and more, and has played with many notable acts including Benediction, Interment, Rotten Sound, Venom Inc., Hemdale, Cattle Decapitation, Squash Bowels, Dead Infection, Parricide, among many others.

  • Jakub Brewczyński
  • Kamil Nowicki
  • Przemysła Bojar
  • Krzysztof Saran
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