Swim Or Drown

From Heerenveen, Netherlands WTF Records Since 07/2008

Swim Or Drown from Heerenveen, Netherlands

Emerged in 2008, Heerenveen-based Swim or Drown conjures pure metallic hardcore adrenaline. The Dutch quintet has brought absolute hell for 14 years with the same lineup, which they would like to continue the same way. “We are so fucking proud of this, and we hope that we can add another 14 years,” states the vocalist Jan. They have already stored a couple of EPs in their Arsenal and played plenty of shows with the likes of Poison Idea, Biohazard, Merauder, Sinister, and Stillbirth.

  • Jan de Groot
  • Roy Sloothaak
  • Hylke Wijnstra
  • Rienk Jonkman
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