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Tallah from PA

Tallah is comprised of 5 members from Pennsylvania Justin Bonitz on vocals, Max Portnoy on drums, Andrew Cooper on bass, Derrick Schneider on guitar, and Eric Novroski on guitar. They offer an unexpected, different and insane live performance at every show. The energy they emit onstage is like no other and will challenge you to stay put!


Tallah shares a passion for playing intense, angry, loud, and heavy music. Tallah relies on the spirit of innovative metal realized thru panicked guitar screams treated with industrial elements and distortion. Screaming vocals mixed with melodic choruses and driving bass guitar with deep and dirty tones, sync up effortlessly with the thunderous bellows of the drums and screeching ping of the snare. - Facebook

  • Max Portnoy
  • Justin Bonitz
  • Derrick Schneider
  • Andrew Cooper
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