The Advent Equation

From Monterey, Mexico Since 11/2008

The Advent Equation from Monterey, Mexico

Officially active band since 2008, resulting in an EP
named Sounds From Within in the same year,
recorded in their hometown, Monterrey Mexico.
The first full-length album, Limitless Life Reflections,
was released through Concreto
Records (Independent Label) with national distribution
and great public reception; giving the band the
opportunity to play in important events and festivals
around Mexico. Participating as opening acts for,
Haggard, Opeth, Tesseract, Dark Tranquility.
The second full-length album, Remnants of Oblivion,
will be released physically and
digitally in December 2020, accompanied by a solid return plan
to social media and current streaming platforms. - Clawhammer PR

  • Carlos Licea
    Piano & Keys
  • Roberto Charles
    Drums & Percussion
  • Luis Gomez
  • Margil H. Vallejo
    Vocals & Bass
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