The Blank Canvas

From Italy Drown Within Records Since 02/2017

The Blank Canvas from Italy

The Blank Canvas is a project born in 2017 from members of Incoming Cerebral Overdrive e Karl Marx Was a Broker. The aim was to create a particular sound palette, based on heavy guitars, powerful basses and electronic finishes that result in an amalgam of sonority attributable only to the band. With these intentions in 2018 the first album entitled "Vantablack" comes out under the Italian label Drown Within Records. The album received great feedback from critics and the public alike, and the release was followed by a series of concerts throughout the country. After a line-up change, the group focuses on composing new material mostly composed during the pandemic. As soon as the lock down is over, the recordings of the new album begin which take place at Studio73, produced by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini. Thus takes shape the new work of the band entitled "Dark Mirage", to be released on February 18th for Drown Within Records, Vollmer Industries and Zero Produzioni. - Metaversus PR

  • Alessio Dufur
  • Maurizio “Pappone” Tuci
  • Marco Filippi
  • Nicola Benetti
  • Michele Marchiani
    Synths & Effects
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