The Spirit

From Saarbrücken, Germany AOP Records Since 04/2015

The Spirit from Saarbrücken, Germany

In the 1990s, the harshness of (melodic) death metal and the attitude of black metal were combined by a couple of Scandinavian bands, inventing a whole new kind of darkness and kick starting a new chapter in heavy music.


THE SPIRIT take this groundwork, adding their own impressive touches and unique identity, whilst always keeping their musical roots close to mind. Their songs are full of creative rhythms, clashing melodies and sharp sentiment; delivered in a fast-paced fashion - vividly transporting the band's spirit. The quartet's debut »Sounds From The Vortex« has already been highly praised by press and fans for its irrepressible power and passion. Every note is presented with a lot of heart and a manic undertone. - Nuclear Blast

  • Manuel Steitz
  • Matthias Trautes
    Guitars & Vocals
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