Thirty Nights Of Violence

From Nashville, TN Unbeaten Records Since 05/2018

Thirty Nights Of Violence from Nashville, TN

Since breaking ground in late 2018 with their debut EP To Die In Your Portrait, Thirty Nights of Violence have found themselves at the forefront of a thriving Nashville metal scene. The young quintet has concocted a volatile blend of frenzied metal with hardcore roots that is equal parts viciousness and precision. 


In June of 2020, the band will partner once again with Unbeaten Records for their highly-anticipated sophomore EP, You'll See Me Up There. For this release, Thirty Nights of Violence recorded with Tate Mercer of Schematic Studios in Nashville to lean even further into finding the balance between their most chaotic and melodic tendencies. The creative chemistry between members - Zach Wilbourn (vocals), Ethan Young (drums/vocals), Jake Chestnut (bass/vocals), James Chatham (guitar), and Kelly Cook (guitar/vocals) - is apparent on the meticulous arrangements and greater intention behind each element of the EP’s six tracks. 


Thematically, You'll See Me Up There serves as a way for the band to process internal and external pain. It addresses directly the way perspective can shift when an individual survives a period of suffering. The EP’s title is a reflection of that increased level of understanding that develops in hard times. With four members sharing vocal duties, the creative diversity found throughout the EP matches the wide array of topics that are explored on it; such as drug abuse (“In Vein”), their own sexual identity (“Shattered Glass”), anxiety, and the stages of the grieving process. Sonically, You'll See Me Up There is driven by the hard-as-nails riffing of Chestnut, Chatham and Cook, and held in orbit by the masterful drumming of Young. 

Thirty Nights of Violence take influence from seminal acts such as the Deftones, Converge, Botch and Poison the Well, particularly in the way they expertly integrate melody and metallic dissonance in a fashion that never allows for a wasted moment, rather than through overt likeness. While Thirty Nights of Violence may be relatively new, You'll See Me Up There  is sure to solidify their reputation as one of the most promising young bands currently emerging in the world of underground metal.

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  • Zach Wilbourn
  • Ethan Young
    Drums & Vocals
  • Jake Chestnut
    Bass & Vocals
  • James Chatham
  • Kelly Cook
    Guitar & Vocals
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